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Management and collection of debts

We have an outstanding practice in representing clients before state and arbitrary courts that belongs among basic practice of our law offices namely in relation to management and collection of debts as well as mediation other clients´ interests. Due to our experience and flexible attitude we are able to carry out the case from the very beginning to its final settlement including enforcement, performance of debited amounts but also finding an alternative solution.

In a course of management and collection of debts we are always emphasizing essential aim of a client which is maximum satisfaction of his claim. Basically the process of management stars with contacting debtor via written notice or telephone, which is followed by meeting a debtor for purposes of negotiation and searching for optimal solution. Then we are preparing Settlement Agreements or suggesting debt restructuring as installment payment plans. Please note, most of debtors upon meeting with skilled attorneys representing creditor are, instead of court proceeding followed by execution, quite susceptible to performance of owed debt.

If a debtor does not duly and timely perform an owed debt, we are able to provide our clients with full range of legal services in all stages of court or arbitrary proceeding including, but not limited to, finding evidences, drafting documents and filing petitions, representing in court or arbitrary hearings as well as in appellate proceedings. In event enforceable decision is passed but not performed by a debtor, we are ready, in cooperation with executioners, to represent our clients in a course or execution proceedings. Should it come out that debtor is insolvent we have remarkable experiences in bankruptcy and consolidation proceedings.

Notwithstanding being a Prague situated law firm, we are closely collaborating with other law offices residing in all other regions Czech Republic. This collaboration meets requirements of our clients regarding promptness, flexibility, diminishing traveling expenses and highest standard of legal advises.

For more information on legal services provided by AK Triska & Zak please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vojtech Triska by phone: +420 221 105 205 or e-mail vojtech.triska­@aktz.cz.